The CALL is...

A Unique
Undergraduate Experience

One semester at The CALL will help you to maximize your internship, integrate your personal and professional development, and shape your trajectory after graduation.

The cornerstone of The CALL is the Experiential Learning Semester (ELS), which offers downtown living and credit-bearing internships, paired with unique mentoring and networking opportunities.  Students learn how to balance work and academic life, as they stay on track for graduation with coursework while expanding their post graduate options through solid work experience and professional development workshops. 

Another unique feature of the ELS is the chance for students to simultaneously take the knowledge and methods learned both in the classroom and in their internship and directly apply it to the other – infusing their coursework with “real world” understanding and better academic contextualization and analysis in their professional work. 

The four ways The CALL enhances your Georgetown experience

Mentored internship experience

Experience downtown D.C. as a resident

Tailored coursework advances your degree

Strengthen professional skills and leadership

Prepare yourself for life beyond Georgetown's gates

Through The CALL, students amass their professional capital by honing the necessary skills in finding and applying for internships, strengthen their professional acumen during their internship, deepen their networks to ensure greater future professional mobility and opportunities, and highlight all of the resources Georgetown has to offer now and in the future.   

Students are assigned a personalized career coach during the internship search process, and receive continued support during their Experiential Learning Semester.  Georgetown’s massive alumni network and strong relationships with employers across the District (not to mention worldwide), give students the introductions they need to intern at their dream sites and help them meet their professional goals. 

Follow Your Calling...

The Self-Designed CALL Semester

Intern where you want. Take the courses that appeal to you. It's literally YOUR CALL.

Blaze your path

Stay on track for graduation, receive personalized career coaching to find that dream internship, and build the important professional capital to serve you across industries.
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The Curated CALL Semester

Immerse yourself in a specific field through selected internships and relevant coursework.

Become the Expert

Launch your career - globally or domestically - in the legal, government, and/or policy worlds through our industry specific internship sites and coursework, and customized professional development workshops.
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Immersive CALL Semester Programs



The Pre-Law semester is intended for students who want to take courses that engage them within the legal world, get a better understanding of the different career paths law school offers, and build strong networks to help them get to law school and beyond. 

Social Impact @TheCALL

The Social Impact @TheCALL offers a distinctive and intentional CALL experience focused on social change and service learning. Students would be placed at either a community service organization or social entrepreneurship venture/project based learning for 15+ hours/week.

Health Justice Alliance @TheCALL

In this Convergence Lab, you will work with a multi-disciplinary team of HJA faculty and clinicians to help explore and develop a role for undergraduates with HJA. Using a design-thinking process, students will examine gaps in HJA’s current services, research similar undergraduate models, and engage with key HJA stakeholders and community members to advance this goal. In alignment with HJA’s mission and values, Lab work will be pursued through a racial equity lens and in a manner that supports co-creation with community members. 

Next Steps...

Declare Your Interest

Apply here to be a part of The CALL for either the Fall or Spring semester. Once you declare your interest, you will be matched with a Cawley Career Coach to begin your internship journey.

Course Registration

Review CALL course selections with your Advising Dean to confirm your graduation trajectory stays on track.

Secure Your Internship

Receive personalized support and resources to ensure you're prepared and competitive with a diverse array of employers in the D.C. area. Attend workshops customized to the D.C. internship search and access to partnerships across the Georgetown community.

The CALL gives me the time and space to experience DC and reflect upon those experiences alongside peers and mentors.

Andrew, COL'20

The CALL, by design, is an experiential program. Thrusting students into worlds that are, while perhaps familiar, fundamentally novel, it creates a stimulating environment for critical observation and reflection.

Renny, SFS'21

The CALL has taught me more than a normal school year in such a short timeframe.

William, COL'22