The CALL is...

Re- The Future of Higher Education

Capitol Applied Learning Labs

Launched in Fall 2019 as an experiential learning program, the CALL continues to evolve. As we partner with more departments, units, and centers, the program has grown into more than a student internship program and more than students simply living and taking courses downtown.

The CALL is the place where all can reimagine the Georgetown experience, reengage the city and District in new and meaningful ways, and reframe methodologies and pedagogy toward teaching, learning, and research.

We experiment with how we as a community reflect, experience, and advance ideas. Together, we raise the questions.​

How might we...

Reimagine a semester as an immersive learning experience in one field of study?


Take advantage of an internship that accelerates your academic and professional trajectory.

Launching in Fall 2020

Beginning in Fall 2020, students can elect to participate in fully immersive Pre-Law semester.  The CALL is also excited to announce Global DC – an initiative bringing the world to your doorstep!

This curated semester option offers industry niche internships that are paired with relevant courses to deepen one’s learning and expertise within their chosen field

How might we...

Reengage with community organizations and local employers in the D.C. community in new and thoughtful ways that benefit all partners and participants?

Community Partners

By forming new and strengthening current partnerships with community organizations, alumni, policy makers, and employers, the CALL is looking to give students a leading edge for success today and in the future.

A New Vantage Point

The Capitol Campus affords the university the unique prospect of reengaging the entire city from a literal new location and vantage point – downtown – and still build upon our strong ties to the area from 1789.

The CALL looks to work with new and existing partners in the DC community to create innovative  mentoring programs; expand students’ and faculty’s professional, volunteer and research opportunities; and collaborate through shared learning and resources.  

How might we...

Reexamine pressing issues of the day, bringing together Georgetown’s vast resources – its faculty, students, and academic centers – with the citizens, community activists, and policy makers of D.C., to reframe learning in our community?


The CALL Convergence Labs offer a new place for Georgetown faculty to reframe research, expand partnerships, and develop new pedagogical approaches to their work. The Labs consist of project teams made up of students, faculty, and industry and community partners, all working together for the common good.

Launching in Spring 2021

Health Justice Alliance – Tackles the health-harming social conditions that contribute to health and justice disparities faced by people living in poverty.

Public Humanities Lab – Works with scholars and organizations to translate their traditional scholarly research into dynamic public projects.

Political Polarization Lab – Challenges the political polarization of the 21st Century with interventions at the local, national, and global scales.