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Why the CALL?

The CALL is a unique, customized semester for Georgetown students wanting to experience their future now in real time.

Live downtown immersed in DC culture; create new networks, skills, and memories to last a lifetime; all while bridging your professional goals with your intellectual pursuits.

This opportunity is open to all Georgetown undergraduate students, and to incoming transfer students.


Spring 2024 Courses

The CALL offers students small class sizes, dedicated faculty, and the whole District of Columbia as its classroom.  Take exclusive classes like Creating an Equitable City,  Poverty & Reproduction, Urban Politics, & more! Students can also have general education requirements fulfilled including HALC, and History 1099!

In a semester at The CALL, undergraduates view D.C. through a new lens. Professors use the city as their classroom, they bring students to museums, halls of power, communities and neighborhoods. Here, students gain real world experience that builds the professional capital that  will shape their future. 

The CALL is located at the Capitol Campus, which is the convergence of Georgetown University, community partners, government entities, and the private sector.

The Capitol Applied Learning Labs is Georgetown's signature immersive innovation hub downtown.

The CALL offers a whole new way for students to apply themselves in the world as they develop their authentic selves. Moving off the hilltop for a term to the Capitol Campus, students can experience the fullness of Washington, D.C., engage with local communities, build professional networks, and explore the power of using their education for the common good.

President John DeGioia

The CALL at a Glance

The Capitol Campus

CALL students live downtown, intern in the heart of the District, and take coursework integrated into the fabric of the city - experiencing DC in entirely new and transformative ways.

The Future of Higher Education

As a part of Georgetown's Red House, The CALL exemplifies the next generation of the higher education experience. Click the icon to learn more.

Equity & Access

From insuring educational equity and access to creating diverse and inclusive environments, The CALL offers students high touch programming and financial assistance to propel their potential.

Praxis between Theory and Experience

As an applied learning lab, we create innovative ways for students -- and faculty -- to integrate academic and professional learning and apply knowledge in the context of our nation's capital.

The Innovative Undergraduate Experience

One semester at The CALL will help students to maximize their internship, integrate their personal and professional development, and shape their trajectory after graduation.

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