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Fall 2023

Upcoming Info Sessions

12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch Info Session (in-person!)

Location: Cawley Career Center

 CALL Open House + 55H St Residence Hall Tour

Info Session (with Lunch) at 12:15pm at the CALL’s downtown space, with a tour of 55H St and a Student Panel (and light refreshments) to follow

Recommended directions: Take the 11:40am Law Center GUTS bus and walk 2 mins to the CALL @ 500 1st St NW

 6:00pm-7:00pm – General Info Session (virtual)

Build Your Professional Capital

All interested CALL students are assigned a career coach to support them along their professional journey. The CALL’s customized process is designed to help you figure out larger professional goals, like whether you’re ready to start building career experience, develop leadership skills or explore new opportunities. We’ll work with you to find an internship where you can reach your goals. Additional career mentoring opportunities are available throughout your experiential semester.

Whether you self design your semester or immerse yourself within a particular field, CALL students learn how to leverage their academic work to their burgeoning professional skills and knowledge.   You will come away with a better understanding of how to apply your intellectual pursuits to your career paths and goals.

Hone Your Expertise

Be Confident in Your Future

The CALL offers you personal and professional reflection, development, skills, and knowledge that will give you a strong foundation for your entire career journey. 


You do not have to have an internship at the application stage; you will need to have an internship by the start of the semester.  You will be expected to intern for two days a week (around 15-20 hours).

You can apply to any and all internships in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  In addition to internships, students should also consider research/laboratory assistantships and entrepreneurial ventures.  International students may only apply to internships that align with their declared major.

Students receive 4 credits for taking both their internship and The CALL Internship seminar.  By taking the internship in conjunction with the Internship seminar credits makes it as a bona fide academic experience.  When students are paid at their internship there is the risk that the student is treated as an employee not as an intern.  For students who want to take a paid internship, the employment site will need to work with The CALL to ensure the educational experiential nature of the internship.  Also, students who take a paid internship may not be offered the same types of financial support offered by The CALL, as payment received as part of an internship will be factored into all CALL financial support decisions.  

International students are strongly encouraged to participate in The CALL as one receives academic credit for the internship.  International students must partake in an internship that aligns with their declared major.  We recommend international students reach out to the Office of Global Services for more information on CPT/OPT options

While the experience students gain from a semester at The CALL is very complementary to the study abroad experience, it serves a different purpose. The focus of The CALL is for students to learn how to integrate their studies with their professional goals.  Students are able to apply their skills and learning in a real world setting, gain perspective on their own passions and develop greater independence. In addition, at The CALL, students are gaining professional capital they can take with them anywhere.  That said, the other focus of the semester is for students to experience Washington D.C. as a resident, something akin to students who study abroad to experience a city/region beyond the classroom. 

While you are the leader in the internship process, CALL and Cawley staff are here to help every step of the way!   

We developed a proven customized set of workshops designed to strengthen your application and interviewing skills, as well as help you find an internship that match your professional goals.  Cawley also offers personalized coaching throughout the process, with CALL staff coaching you throughout your internship. In addition to our staffs, we work in partnership with units and departments across the university to help secure you a spot at your dream internship.  CALL staff also works with your internship site to establish the quality of the internship experience, including expectations, goals and deliverables.

Students live at Georgetown’s 55 H St NW residence hall. The dorm features 24-hour professionally-trained support staff, full kitchens, and social spaces. 

Yes, CALL students are charged $1,750 for a meal plan. $750 will be allocated to your GoCard to purchase meals via participating vendors, and on-campus locations. $1,000 will be distributed as grocery gift cards. All apartments in the 55 H St residence hall have full kitchens complete with appliances (stove, microwave, fridge, dishwasher) so students can cook their meals. 

The CALL also provides two community meals per week at 500 1st NW. 

Yes, the CALL offers work-study and non-work-study student employment. 

Financial aid works the same at The CALL as it does on the Hilltop campus. 

Yes, you should confirm with your advising dean that The CALL semester will not interfere with your graduation trajectory.

Students are not allowed to take courses on the Hilltop during their CALL semester, with the exception of second semester seniors who are taking a thesis/capstone course.  These seniors, however, will need to work closely with faculty and CALL staff to ensure that they are spending less than ⅓ course time on the Hilltop. 

Students who participate in The CALL will take a total of 9 UNXD credits (these credits count toward graduation but do not fulfill other requirements).  The courses are: The CALL Internship seminar, The CALL City Seminar, and bridge courses focused on personal and professional development. 

Unable to join one of our Fall 2023 Info Sessions? 
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How Do I Apply for the CALL?

Step-by-step Application Process

1. Talk to your academic advising dean about whether The CALL fits in with schedule and your larger graduation trajectory.

2. Subscribe to the CALL newsletter to receive program updates and announcements. Join CALL Information Sessions to learn more about the program and semester options. RSVP for info sessions here!

3. Commit to the CALL by filling out the CALL Fall 2023 Commitment Form, by April 30th, 2022. 

4. Housing: The CALL informs housing you will be downtown for Fall 2023. 

5. Course Registration: You will be given special permission to register for CALL courses during the registration period. 

6. Internship Search Begins: Our Career Coach will be in touch with you to get started on the next part of your journey. Immediate questions? Reach out to

Any questions?